After years of work, our cooperatively-run, multi-use space has just completed a major renovation, including a public-facing cafe, event space, meditation room, collaboratory workspace, basement art studio, and small rooftop farm. All of these elements have grown from members of an existing community of professional collaborators who have been working together under the banner of Prime Produce for the last 10 years.

Within this new home, we hope to meet people like you! People who we do not yet know, who are different from us but share our broad set of values,

who have unlike minds with like hearts, and who might be willing to give to and gain from the sort of ecology we’ve been cultivating in Hell’s Kitchen.

We believe that only time, practice, repetition, and communication can create a diverse, inclusive, supportive, and ethical community. We’re interested in being in each others’ company - failing, learning, growing together.

If this appeals, let us know, and come by for a visit. See what our place feels like. Explore our process, ask us questions.